Le D├ębut


Hi Friends!

So, here goes it! I’ve decided to take a whack at Blogging (is that supposed to be capitalized?) and have some fun documenting my life with Delia. If anything, I hope to create a space where someday Delia will be able to look back and remember that she had a pretty nice childhood.(Even though I forced her to brush her own hair when we were running late and sometimes made her eat other foods besides chicken nuggets and plain white rice.) Also, writing is therapeutic, and I need all the free therapy I can get. Is my grammar great? No. Is my spelling great? No – but thankfully, I have autocorrect which is a real thing that saves us all from horrifying text message blunders when we’re arguing with our significant other and have to appear way smarter and just better in general to eventually win aforementioned petty text message argument.


Anyways, look at Delia in this adorable selfie. Isn’t she precious? Look at her pretty blue eyes and kissy dimples! How unfair, right? She’s 5-3/4 and likes roller blading, finding bugs and lizards, and is also obsessed with youtube toy reviews rn (which, not so secretly drive me insane). I receive lots of compliments on how well behaved and sweet she is, implying that I might have something to do with it. Honestly though, she’s a grown lady child that has to remind me not to forget my keys when we leave home and praises me when I clean my messy room.  I ramble. I’m easily sidetracked. I only know like 6 peoples birthdays and it’s usually because they are either on a holiday or the same day as mine. Regardless, Delia loves me unconditionally and I am the luckiest mama to have such a kind and wise little kiddo.



  • Take more pictures of my little family to create long lasting memories
  • Learn to appreciate each day for what it is
  • Become a better writer
  • Perfect and share recipes
  • Make mom friends with whom I can relate to


SIDE NOTE: Is finding mom friends hard for other moms or just me? Is there like a mom tinder for moms who want mom friends with children of the same age? Are there moms who want to meet moms like me to have sushi with and go to the playground, within a 15 mile radius? Is this a thing and I just haven’t discovered it? Is this not a thing but I just gave someone a really great idea that they’ll probably make beaucoups of money from?


 W H A T E V E R

If you’re still reading this – thank you! Sincerely.