Hey Girl Hey!

YAY! I’m writing again! I am already feeling happy and excited! BUT-


At the risk of sounding like a complete monster and total joy kill….

All I have left in me to say about this summer is


I mean….

I love my daughter so much and she is the best thing that has ever happened to me – An absolute precious gift who is so well behaved and lovely but….. BYE!

I am BEYOND happy that school started today & thankfully, Delia is too.

Please allow me to provide a brief summary as to how our summer vacation played out:

  • Omg this is so awesome lets go to the pool EVERYDAY!
  • Wow – it’s actually like disgustingly hot out here and this water isn’t even refreshing… inside stuff?
  • This is insane… how did you possibly manage to sprain your ankle?
  • Okay I guess we have to be really proactive with this because you’re dancing competitively this year so lets do R.I.C.E. until it’s better.
  • Really? Even just walking around Target is too painful? Sure, I guess we can just instacart everything &  limit all outings to going to see kids movies in theatre…..
  • At least we have a family road trip coming up!
  • Hope your ankle is okay in time for our stay at Great Wolf Lodge…
  • It’s honestly a miracle from God that your ankle is completely healed on our first day at this indoor water park!
  • Didn’t really think through how being THIS pregnant and sitting in a car for THIS long was going to do so many WONDERS on my body  (‘SUP SCIATICA!)
  • That was fun but let’s plan on never doing it again.
  • Nesting urge kicked in & school’s about to start & dance is in full swing & Girl Scouts start next month & Delia’s birthday is in 2 months & my baby is halfway cooked & I’m literally so overwhelmed I just need another M&M McFlurry

so there ya go.




On that note – here I am again. Sitting in a quiet house. Alone. Able to hear myself think & allowing myself an opportunity to sit and vent about all my #firstworldproblems. Thank you WordPress for giving me this space 🙂



Oh wait…

I did do a thing though…

>> insert shameless self promo <<

I joined Amazon’s Affiliate group. So – I’m going to use this as an opportunity to link some of the things that have helped make this summer, that road trip, my pregnancy, and going back to school a little easier. And if you feel like you might also need, want, could possibly use some or all of these things I’m about to share then I highly encourage you to use my link and help a hungry sister out. Jk  – No but seriously I’ve had 2 breakfasts already and I’m so starving and get my comish via amazon gift cards and would love to Prime me some Whole Foods mochi rn!


Okayyyy – I’m going to start by sharing a couple of things that I have been obsessed with recently that have been beneficial to me because I am pregnant. HOWEVER, I wish I had had some of them before I was pregnant because they are but simple luxuries that really everyone deserves…


~*Actually feeling a little bit of shame admitting that I only recently purchased this bad boy… but I’ve been trying to drink more water which means I’ve been squeezing more lemons. Only, the thing is, I used to have a super archaic device where I would actually have to exert life energy into squeezing and twisting lemons and that was for the birds. So..

New Star Foodservice 42856 Enameled Aluminum Lemon Squeezer, Yellow

If you don’t have this you need it. I don’t care who you are.


~*Next to staying sufficiently hydrated, my main priority has been being comfortable. Not gonna lie that my new, very big, lulu aligns are actually my most favorite “pant” right now… (and yes, I 1000% support claims that leggings are IN FACT pants) however, these are a close second and are super cheap, and aren’t maternity, and come in tons of colors and are just so darn fun!

SATINA High Waisted Flare Palazzo Wide Leg Pants | Printed & Solid | Reg & Plus (Medium, 1 Burgundy)

I ordered mine in a medium at the very beginning of my pregnancy for size reference.



~*Okay this one is kinda embarrassing but trust me when I tell ya that this is hands down the best $8 I’ve ever spent. Two words for you. Bra Extenders.

Bra Extender 2 Hooks/3 Hooks/4 Hook, Bra Strap Extensions - 9 Packs (Black, White, Beige)

I purchased these when I started gaining weight and I’ve never been less concerned about back fat in my entire life.



~*I briefly touched on my nesting urges but recently all I have been wanting to do is renovate, declutter, organize & simplify. I ordered one of these for my giant mom tote and am so grateful that I did. All of my purse things have a home & it’s extremely satisfying. I feel like a responsible adult woman who will probably never lose her sunglasses ever again.

LEXSION Felt Handbag Organizer,Insert purse organizer Fits Speedy Neverfull 8001 Pink L

Plus they have them in pink & there’s a 20% off coupon right now. Score!



So, I feel like that started to take a turn. Super sorry and uncomfortable for anyone who is still here and not a woman or mom.


& I hate to say it but I guess I kinda lied… I’m actually going to end this post here because whew time got away from me and I have to go pick Delia up from school soon! I’m so excited to hear all about her first day! EEEP! 🙂

Let me know if you liked this post (or the general idea of it because whoops) & would like me to share about how our family road trip really went & if you’d like to see some of my Amazon finds that I purchased to make it as easy, comfortable & kid friendly as I possibly could!

Orrrrr share in the comments an awesome Amazon find you have discovered recently!! I LOVE seeing what other people are loving! 🙂 #momshelpingmoms #womensupportingwomen



xoxo Brittany




4 thoughts on “Hey Girl Hey!

  1. LOVE the fun amazon finds and ideas! I love reading about what other people find and recommend! The purse organizer thing is now at the top of my need list. I lose everything.
    P.s. I will also be jumping for joy when school starts back for us. No shame.
    Much love


    • Yes girl! It’s a game changer! Also I say all this and then literally cannot wait to pick Delia up & go sit outside of the school early because I miss her & want to have her home with me!! 😂 #momlife xoxo


  2. Love reading your posts!
    My latest Amazon find is this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07DDDLSRL/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It’s an adorable portable fan! (Which might come in handy for you since 1. it’s summer 2. your pregnant and 3. you’re in FL lol God bless you!) I bought it for when I go line dancing every week since I get hot easily but I’ve ended up using it A LOT! It’s battery lasts a long time and it’s a great size!
    I might also have to get that purse organizer! Because mine’s a wreck.


    • Omg I love this!! I need to order one for Delia to have at recess! Those poor children just laze about on the jungle gym too hot to play! 🥵😆 & Trust me – I try my best to stay inside all day everyday like an antisocial vampire until mid October! #idontsweatiglisten 🥰


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