Ten Things Tuesday

Good Morning!

After perusing through my feed this morning, I got the idea from fellow blogger Narci to list 10 things currently happening in my life right now.

Here goes…

  1. This weekend we’re going shopping for new carpet to put in the bedroom & I’m a little too excited about this.
  2. I think JVJ knows that I’m pregnant. He’s been way more affectionate towards me recently & I’m loving every single second of it.
  3. Speaking of being pregnant, today I am 25 WEEKS! Next week I have to go in for my Glucose Test. I’m not looking forward to drinking Glucola & having blood taken. Ew.
  4. Delia isn’t playing softball this season & I’m kinda bummed about that too! I love watching her play. I wish I had played when I was young. As a kid, trying new sports & meeting new people always gave me INTENSE anxiety…. Thinking about the kind of person Delia is & her love of trying new things and meeting new people makes me SO PROUD. I wish I could be more like her.
  5. With that being said…. the past few days I’ve been really struggling with Delia. She is 8 going on 18 and doesn’t want to do what she doesn’t want to do. I’ve been losing my patience more & more with each defiant rebuttal. Hopefully this will cool down as we settle into our new routine. But man, is it tough right now.
  6. I’ve been procrastinating making banana bread for an embarrassing amount of time. I think it’s finally time to admit that my over ripe bananas are now actually rotten. BRB – let me throw those away real quick.
  7. This year I decided it would be a cute idea to create a monthly newsletter for Delia’s Girl Scout troop. I’ve been having so much fun with this project! Trying to be proactive & knock out all of the issues for this year before baby arrives!! @Highlights what’s good?? 😉
  8. My M&M McFlurry cravings are out of control. It’s not quite 11am & I’m seriously considering going to McDonalds right now. But can anyone offer insight as to why they still give you those huge funky spoons even though they don’t actually mix in the M&M’s with them?? But instead just dump them on top??? This really grinds my gears. Especially when I think about it while sipping out of a paper straw.
  9. I’ve made several fall inspired home decor purchases recently. I’m so ready. What should we all be for Halloween this year???
  10. This has proven to be much harder than I thought. Hoping future me looks back on this post adoringly and appreciates the fact that I took 30 minutes of our time to sit & type all of this out. I suppose these are the days we wish to remember….. Right?


What are some exciting things going on in your life right now? What are some not so exciting but little things that just totally irk you &  you know you can’t possibly be the only one irked by those ridiculous but totally justifiably annoying things?

I’m still all worked up about mcflurries, can you tell?




Hey Girl Hey!

YAY! I’m writing again! I am already feeling happy and excited! BUT-


At the risk of sounding like a complete monster and total joy kill….

All I have left in me to say about this summer is


I mean….

I love my daughter so much and she is the best thing that has ever happened to me – An absolute precious gift who is so well behaved and lovely but….. BYE!

I am BEYOND happy that school started today & thankfully, Delia is too.

Please allow me to provide a brief summary as to how our summer vacation played out:

  • Omg this is so awesome lets go to the pool EVERYDAY!
  • Wow – it’s actually like disgustingly hot out here and this water isn’t even refreshing… inside stuff?
  • This is insane… how did you possibly manage to sprain your ankle?
  • Okay I guess we have to be really proactive with this because you’re dancing competitively this year so lets do R.I.C.E. until it’s better.
  • Really? Even just walking around Target is too painful? Sure, I guess we can just instacart everything &  limit all outings to going to see kids movies in theatre…..
  • At least we have a family road trip coming up!
  • Hope your ankle is okay in time for our stay at Great Wolf Lodge…
  • It’s honestly a miracle from God that your ankle is completely healed on our first day at this indoor water park!
  • Didn’t really think through how being THIS pregnant and sitting in a car for THIS long was going to do so many WONDERS on my body  (‘SUP SCIATICA!)
  • That was fun but let’s plan on never doing it again.
  • Nesting urge kicked in & school’s about to start & dance is in full swing & Girl Scouts start next month & Delia’s birthday is in 2 months & my baby is halfway cooked & I’m literally so overwhelmed I just need another M&M McFlurry

so there ya go.




On that note – here I am again. Sitting in a quiet house. Alone. Able to hear myself think & allowing myself an opportunity to sit and vent about all my #firstworldproblems. Thank you WordPress for giving me this space 🙂



Oh wait…

I did do a thing though…

>> insert shameless self promo <<

I joined Amazon’s Affiliate group. So – I’m going to use this as an opportunity to link some of the things that have helped make this summer, that road trip, my pregnancy, and going back to school a little easier. And if you feel like you might also need, want, could possibly use some or all of these things I’m about to share then I highly encourage you to use my link and help a hungry sister out. Jk  – No but seriously I’ve had 2 breakfasts already and I’m so starving and get my comish via amazon gift cards and would love to Prime me some Whole Foods mochi rn!


Okayyyy – I’m going to start by sharing a couple of things that I have been obsessed with recently that have been beneficial to me because I am pregnant. HOWEVER, I wish I had had some of them before I was pregnant because they are but simple luxuries that really everyone deserves…


~*Actually feeling a little bit of shame admitting that I only recently purchased this bad boy… but I’ve been trying to drink more water which means I’ve been squeezing more lemons. Only, the thing is, I used to have a super archaic device where I would actually have to exert life energy into squeezing and twisting lemons and that was for the birds. So..

New Star Foodservice 42856 Enameled Aluminum Lemon Squeezer, Yellow

If you don’t have this you need it. I don’t care who you are.


~*Next to staying sufficiently hydrated, my main priority has been being comfortable. Not gonna lie that my new, very big, lulu aligns are actually my most favorite “pant” right now… (and yes, I 1000% support claims that leggings are IN FACT pants) however, these are a close second and are super cheap, and aren’t maternity, and come in tons of colors and are just so darn fun!

SATINA High Waisted Flare Palazzo Wide Leg Pants | Printed & Solid | Reg & Plus (Medium, 1 Burgundy)

I ordered mine in a medium at the very beginning of my pregnancy for size reference.



~*Okay this one is kinda embarrassing but trust me when I tell ya that this is hands down the best $8 I’ve ever spent. Two words for you. Bra Extenders.

Bra Extender 2 Hooks/3 Hooks/4 Hook, Bra Strap Extensions - 9 Packs (Black, White, Beige)

I purchased these when I started gaining weight and I’ve never been less concerned about back fat in my entire life.



~*I briefly touched on my nesting urges but recently all I have been wanting to do is renovate, declutter, organize & simplify. I ordered one of these for my giant mom tote and am so grateful that I did. All of my purse things have a home & it’s extremely satisfying. I feel like a responsible adult woman who will probably never lose her sunglasses ever again.

LEXSION Felt Handbag Organizer,Insert purse organizer Fits Speedy Neverfull 8001 Pink L

Plus they have them in pink & there’s a 20% off coupon right now. Score!



So, I feel like that started to take a turn. Super sorry and uncomfortable for anyone who is still here and not a woman or mom.


& I hate to say it but I guess I kinda lied… I’m actually going to end this post here because whew time got away from me and I have to go pick Delia up from school soon! I’m so excited to hear all about her first day! EEEP! 🙂

Let me know if you liked this post (or the general idea of it because whoops) & would like me to share about how our family road trip really went & if you’d like to see some of my Amazon finds that I purchased to make it as easy, comfortable & kid friendly as I possibly could!

Orrrrr share in the comments an awesome Amazon find you have discovered recently!! I LOVE seeing what other people are loving! 🙂 #momshelpingmoms #womensupportingwomen



xoxo Brittany




Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


The title says it all folks.

Here’s a little Amazon Gift Guide if you’re a Last Minute Lucy like ya girl Bshell & are needing some Mother’s Day ~I N S P O ~ This list is a compilation of things I already have & L O V E or that I have just had my eye on! ….I totally ordered myself #2 on this list and am BEYOND excited to try it out. Also, really hoping that my loving husband & daughter might read this (shoe size 7) even though, I must admit, they already have a great track record for picking out awesome gifts.

Anyways – Happy Monday & Hope you find this helpful!


Amazon Gift Guide

Add a little bit of body text-2


  1. Cute Set of Tea Towels ~ This set of four is perfect for summer cuz like L E M O N S & only $12. Yes, please!
  2. V. Practical Steam Mop ~ I’ve been wanting one of these for MONTHS! Our entire down stairs is tile and the before & after pics of what this puppy can do for grout had me SOLD! Can’t wait for so-squeaky-clean-you-can-eat-off-em *GERM FREE* floors!
  3. The BEST Blender Ever ~ Santa brought me this for X-Mas and it’s seriously life changing! Best frozen margs EVER! But since I’m on hooch hiatus for the next few months I g u e s s it’s also pretty good for smoothies, salad dressings, soups, salsas, even nut butters & homemade almond milk!
  4. The Cutest Birks I’ve Ever Seen ~ I love my Birks! They are seriously the comfiest most versatile sandals ever. I have a pair in black which have kind of evolved into my “beach birks” over the years. I’m thinking a fresh shiny new pair is needed for target runs & Sunday brunch!
  5. Blue Light Blocking Glasses ~ Perfect for any mama who spends most of her day working on a computer or staring @ her smart phone! I thought this pair was super cute but they have tons of different styles!
  6. This Fancy Schmancy Coffee Machine (on MAJOR sale) ~ I have heard SO MANY PEOPLE rave about their Nespresso’s! Unfortunately – I’m trying to keep my caffeine intake on the low low these days but I’m v curious and intrigued by this beauty (especially in the matte black 😍) && This is the best deal I’ve seen so far!
  7. Fun Reusable Straws ~ These are always good to have on hand – especially for all those frozen margs & smoothies you’ll be making! I love the silicone variety because ~ c o l o r s ~ but also – I’m like all for this plastic straw ban and saving turtles and whatever but it is IMPOSSIBLE to enjoy a delicious Chick-fil-A milk shake with a soggy paper straw. So, really, you kinda need these.

  8. The Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker ~ This thing is like the lazy homemakers’ best friend. It’s cute, compact, smart, & super practical. Just maybe watch what you say around it – because like government interference and stuff 😉 
  9. Comfy New Pair of Sneaks ~ Of all the things on this list THESE are what I really want! They are the perfect everyday pair of white sneakers! I meannnn how cute and comfy do these look!?!?! Plus – I’m pregnant, and I heard wearing sneakers helps prevent your feet from swelling! I’d happily trade in my slides for these guys!
  10. A Facial Cleansing Spin Brush She Didn’t Know She NEEDED ~ I’ve been using this brush for years and it’s S H O C K I NG what happens when you use it with your favorite facial cleanser AFTER you remove your makeup! Honestly, so satisfyingly disgusting to see how much residue is removed from your face after you could have sworn it’s clean! This one has 3 different heads for whatever level of exfoliation you prefer & a smart travel case.


Before I wrap this up – does anyone want to talk about last nights episode of GoT !? I personally thought it was the best episode of the season so far! Don’t h8 me but I thought the Battle of Winterfell was literally the most frustrating thing to watch ever & was kinda raging about whatever the hell those dragons were even doing. Like ummm HELLO you have 1 JOB!! 🔥💀🔥 I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it but Jon’s speech in the first 5 min. had me U G L Y C R Y I N G  & likeeeee THE END – OMG. Such a sad but (kinda) necessary loss to boost momentum for The Last War! Let me know your thoughts in the comments! This is a safe space.


xoxo Brittany


July. Julio. Juillet. Juli.

img_6585Summer Reading in All It’s Glory


I know we all –know– but can we just take a moment to acknowledge the fact that we are over half way through the summer – and the year.


       This is our second summer in South Florida and I’m just gonna go out on a limb here and say it’s by far the hottest/most humid summer in the history of forever. Only kidding, but seriously – it’s p r e t t y ew out here. Delia is participating in a tennis camp this summer and is outside A LOT.  With that being said, during the weekends we try to stay cool with indoor activities and trips to the beach (but only while the ocean temp is still semi refreshing – next month it will feel like a friggin jacuzzi).

       Lot’s of summer reading is going on –as pictured above– and I couldn’t be more proud. I love seeing Delia with her nose stuck in a book. I find it truly amazing how early children are learning to read nowadays. When we first moved to Florida I learned about VPK (Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten) and I enrolled Delia immediately. She attended a KinderCare Learning Center and I wholeheartedly believe that was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It gave her such a solid educational foundation for going into Kindergarten and I am truly grateful for all the wonderful staff and teachers there. During the school year we would read (still do) a short fun story/picture book before bed and only occasionally a chapter book here or there. But now that summer is here I’m taking FULL advantage of my Barnes & Noble membership (especially the Kids’ Club – seriously you guys, if you aren’t signed up you need to be – you get like 10% off all children’s books plus a lot of other sweet benefits) and almost weekly, we take a trip for a new handful of books for her to sink her teeth into.


Delia’s Current Must Reads:


       Of the books on Delia’s list of favorites – Big Nate is by far her most favorite. It has a cute comic book type feel that satisfies her need for fun drawings and plus it’s pretty darn funny. We usually take our time skimming through the chapter book series that are targeted for children 6-8 yo. Any  one that Delia thinks she may be interested in, we’ll buy the 1st book of that series. If she likes it -YAY- next time we go to the book store we’ll get the next in the series, if not -oh well- “what else do they have that you might like?” We also like to pick up at least one book that’s a little more advanced to challenge her. It’s such a huge feeling of accomplishment for her when she finishes “a book for a third grader!”

What else…

       John and I had our first date night of the summer! Crazy, right? To say it was long overdue is an understatement. This past weekend we went to Cirque Du Soleil Ovo. It was awesome. I was so engrossed during the show that I didn’t even take any pictures. And truthfully, I was so hungry afterwards I didn’t snap any pictures of our dinner date. But, selfishly enough, I managed to capture (1) image of myself with makeup on for like the first time in m o n t h s which is the only physical evidence I have that we even did go on a date.



SIDE NOTE: This weekend I totally relapsed on dairy. Did you know that basically everything that is delicious has dairy in it? At least everything that is delicious at the Cheesecake Factory does. Did you know even my Caramel Macchiato w/ almond milk has dairy in it? I didn’t – until yesterday.

FUN FACT: Starbucks Caramel Drizzle has dairy in it. *sigh*


Have you been reading anything interesting this summer? What books do you and your children enjoy? Where did you go on your last date night? Do you have a dairy sensitivity? How do you cope with it?  I’d love to hear from you guys! 🙂




Fish and Cat



First and foremost, let us all take a moment to appreciate the amount of precious in the above shot. I don’t believe there are many things that compare to the cuteness of a 5yo in a snorkel mask. Amirite? Delia is especially grinny and dimply in this picture because it’s her first time “snorkeling” and getting a real glimpse of the ocean floor. We’ve found lots of sea treasures and made some new fishy friends including sand dollars, starfish and crabs.

SPEAKING of new friends

A few days ago our little family got a little bigger with the addition of our new feline friend, a very sweet and spunky, black fuzzy kitten by the name of Jean Valjean AKA Monsieur Le Maire. We’re still becoming acquainted with one another, however, it is certain that he much enjoys chasing his own tail, taking long naps, climbing furniture, and eating chicken recipe. Jean Valjean is a rescue kitty that was found outside of Sea Watch (a restaurant in Lauderdale By the Sea). He was a little skittish at first, but is very quickly warming up to us and his new surroundings. Anyways, this is him , rn, being very sleepy and kissy.


July has been good to us this year. A little hot and humid but good none the less. We’ve taken a trip to the Museum of Science and Discovery in Fort Lauderdale and checked out the very cute/ kid friendly Indie Craft Bizaar (which i’ll mention more about in a later post).  In only a few short weeks, Delia will enter kindergarten (which terrifies me) and I’ll be starting my fall semester classes. The time has come for me to really buckle down and get the apartment into order – donating outgrown and seldom worn clothes/shoes, decluttering the kitchen/bedroom, and buckling down on getting more organized. I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer and is ready to start the brand new school year!


Le Début


Hi Friends!

So, here goes it! I’ve decided to take a whack at Blogging (is that supposed to be capitalized?) and have some fun documenting my life with Delia. If anything, I hope to create a space where someday Delia will be able to look back and remember that she had a pretty nice childhood.(Even though I forced her to brush her own hair when we were running late and sometimes made her eat other foods besides chicken nuggets and plain white rice.) Also, writing is therapeutic, and I need all the free therapy I can get. Is my grammar great? No. Is my spelling great? No – but thankfully, I have autocorrect which is a real thing that saves us all from horrifying text message blunders when we’re arguing with our significant other and have to appear way smarter and just better in general to eventually win aforementioned petty text message argument.


Anyways, look at Delia in this adorable selfie. Isn’t she precious? Look at her pretty blue eyes and kissy dimples! How unfair, right? She’s 5-3/4 and likes roller blading, finding bugs and lizards, and is also obsessed with youtube toy reviews rn (which, not so secretly drive me insane). I receive lots of compliments on how well behaved and sweet she is, implying that I might have something to do with it. Honestly though, she’s a grown lady child that has to remind me not to forget my keys when we leave home and praises me when I clean my messy room.  I ramble. I’m easily sidetracked. I only know like 6 peoples birthdays and it’s usually because they are either on a holiday or the same day as mine. Regardless, Delia loves me unconditionally and I am the luckiest mama to have such a kind and wise little kiddo.



  • Take more pictures of my little family to create long lasting memories
  • Learn to appreciate each day for what it is
  • Become a better writer
  • Perfect and share recipes
  • Make mom friends with whom I can relate to


SIDE NOTE: Is finding mom friends hard for other moms or just me? Is there like a mom tinder for moms who want mom friends with children of the same age? Are there moms who want to meet moms like me to have sushi with and go to the playground, within a 15 mile radius? Is this a thing and I just haven’t discovered it? Is this not a thing but I just gave someone a really great idea that they’ll probably make beaucoups of money from?


 W H A T E V E R

If you’re still reading this – thank you! Sincerely.